Lynn B. Johnson, RPH

Lynn graduated (Summa Cum Laude) from the University of Georgia Pharmacy School in 1986 and has served as member of the policy and procedures committee for the Georgia State Pharmaceutical Association.

She has over 29 years of experience in various pharmacy settings in Central Georgia including Physicians Clinic, Hospital, and Retail settings. Lynn has an added certification for Immunization and Compounding from the Pharmacy Corporation of America.

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Jennifer Leaptrot, CPT

Pharmacy Technician

Jennifer is native of Central Georgia and has over 20 years experience as a Certified Pharmacy Technician (CPT) in our local community. OrthoGeorgia's Pharmacy staff has over 40 years of providing customer satisfaction in this very specialized field of medicine and we invite you come and experience our five star services at OrthoGeorgia's Full Service Retail Pharmacy.

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Shayne Reece

Shayne is our newest staff member at OrthoGeorgia Pharmacy with 4 years of experience. She provides excellent customer service and is always eager to help with a smile on her face.